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Fixed Windows

A fixed window is one that does not open, and is either “panoramic picture” style for maximum glass or “fixed casement” style to mimic the look of an operating casement or awning style window.

Fixed windows are available in both dual and triple pane glass options that include low-e and argon.



Casement WindowsCasement Style Windows

A casement style window is a side hinged window that swings out to open. In our climate, casement windows are most often manufactured as triple pane with low-e and argon gas, but they are also available in dual pane.

Casement style windows are suitable for bedroom applications because, when sized appropriately, they will satisfy egress (means of escape) requirements


AwningAwning Style Windows

An awning style window is a top hinged window that swings out to open. This style of window is very popular in kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

Rain or shine, awning style windows can be opened to improve ventilation. In our climate, these are often ordered as triple pane with low-e and argon gas, but they are also available in dual pane.

Awning style windows are NOT suitable for bedrooms because they do not meet the egress requirements. The operating hardware blocks your escape when the window is in the open position.

Tilt and TurnTilt and Turn

Tilt-Turn Style Windows

These styles of windows are prevalent in Europe and popular among discerning architects, designers and homeowners in North America.

The tilt-turn hardware allows each unit to tilt into the room at the top for indirect ventilation, or swing into the room for easy cleaning or emergency egress.  Both actions are activated by a turn of the lever handle which controls all of the mechanical operations.

This high-performance system offers exceptional energy efficiency when ordered as triple pane with low-e and argon, plus other advantages such as sound insulation and security.

Single or Double Slider Style Windows

A single slider window is fixed (not openable) on one side and the other side glides open to the left or right.

A double slider window can be opened on either side.

In both cases, the slidable sashes are removable for easy cleaning.

Single or Double Hung Style Windows

A single hung window is fixed (not openable) at the top, but the bottom portion slides up vertically to open.

A double hung window can be opened at the top and bottom as both sashes can slide open vertically.

For easy cleaning of the exterior glass, the operable sashes can be tilted into the room for these types of windows.


Clear Choice Window & Door Store is able to satisfy virtually any door requirement.

  • Door slabs as steel or fibreglass (either smooth or wood grain)
  • Painted or stained or unfinished
  • Door frames as vinyl wrapped or composite material (either smooth or wood grain)
  • Single doors
  • Double doors
  • Doors with sidelites and / or a transom
  • Garden doors (both out-swing and in-swing)
  • And sliding patio doors too!